2018 CEO Club

Jan 1 to Jan 31

We're recreating the CEO Club (Completely Executed Objects) in 2018 and hope you'll join us. Important: Complete your contract before the end of January.

We've added a point system this time. Here's how it works:

  • Make a numbered list of six (6) UFOs you want to complete in the next six months (February through July). The UFO can be a quilt that needs a binding, or something that you’ve only cut out, or anything in between – basically a quilting project, falling within the guidelines, that is started but not finished. (Quilted apparel, purses, or totebags are not eligible for gift cards or points.)
  • Projects should have a circumference of at least 120 inches.
  • The  completion of a piece that is lap size or smaller - and satisfies the size guideline - is considered a single project. 
  • Larger than lap size must at least be a completed top. If a larger than lap size quilt and is already quilted, completing the binding is an acceptable project.
  • Put the list in the order that you plan to work on your projects: 1= February, 2 = March, and so on.
  • Email us a copy of your contract (send it to thequiltery@earthlink.net) or bring a copy to the store (be sure to include your email address). You don't have to use our form.
  • Keep a copy of your list for yourself. Just one list per person, please. No changes allowed during the 6 months! No exceptions!
  • Win a $10 gift card each time you meet a goal – i.e. have completed your chosen project within the time that you set yourself.
  • Win points as follows:
      - King/Queen size, binding only...2 points
      - Other size, binding only...1 point
      - Piecing top larger than 120" perimeter...2 points
      - Quilting + binding...3 points
      - Piecing top + quilting + binding...5 points
      - Completing 6 projects within alloted time..6 points

There will be a CEO Celebration Party on Sunday, August 26th at 2 p.m. We hope everyone who participates can join us for this show-and-tell party! Grab bags plus prizes for top three with the most points.

Click here for the CEO Contract          Click here for a copy of the Rules of the Road

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